Spider Man: No Way Home: Will Avengers Forget Spider Man?

Spider Man

Spider Man no way home Dr. Strange’s Spell Explained.

Spiderman no way home ends with a sacrifice given by peter parker. Far from home did what none of the eight previous spiderman movie were willing to do by revealing peter parker; identity to the entire world. This will only happen in Comics book when spider man revel his identity after civil war. Then Mephisto erases everyone’s memories of peter as Spiderman, as a part of the deal MJ makes. In this comic peter and MJ were husband and wife.

Mysterio(Quentin Beck) sent shockwaves throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe when he reveal the identity of Hollywood’s most protected narrative secrets. that’s peter parker is Spiderman. While other Spiderman movies have unique qualities, they all carry one consistent parallel: protect the identity.

Dr. Strange Spell Explained

Dr. Strange's Spell
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In the movie Spiderman no way home do strange use the spell called Druns of Kof-Kal which doesn’t exist in marvel comic book. basically this spell uses to forget previous memory of someone. But according to Wong this spell is very delicate and creates Multiverse and alternate reality. So, why Dr. strange perform this spell. Actually pretty simple because of spider man. Since Spiderman want to erase everyone’s memories of peter as spider man.

When Dr. strange Performing the spell peter change the spell 5 times so spell is pretty messed up. Therefore as a result in other reality who knows Spiderman identity comes into this reality. Especially Great Villain like Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, Electro, Lizard (Dr. Connors), Sandman and Venom aka Eddie Brock ( Actually venom neither a villain nor a hero ).
So the question arise “will avengers forget spider man”.

Will Dr. Strange Remember Peter Parker?

Spider Man and Dr. Strange
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While Doctor Strange’s movie-ending spell was to ensure that no one would remember Peter, it seems possible that the caster might be immune to those effects. (We don’t actually know that much about how the MCU’s magic works.) While there is nothing in No Way Home to suggest that Stephen will remember Peter, stranger things have happened. And, with the Doctor Strange sequel right around the corner, and Stephen messing with Multiversal madness in the film. Who’s to say what kind of just-forgotten memories he might stir up by movie’s end?

Will Avengers Forget Spider Man?

The answer is no because people forget peter parker but not Spiderman. Doctor Strange Spell is to erase the memories of peter parker not Spiderman. The Avengers remember Spiderman but they don’t know peter parker is Spiderman. That means whatever Spiderman did in Civil War, Infinity war and Endgame Avengers know as it is but they forget peter is Spiderman. Apart from peter memories Avenger knows everything.

Wait, there is one more question arrive what about documents and photos of peter with his friends and family. So, The answer is they will also erase most probably because in comic book document or photos of peter was also erased. It’s an act of true selflessness, one that leaves Peter alone in the world for the very first time.

How did Spider Man Choice Change the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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According to original writer J. Michael Straczynski, the main intention behind One More Day was always to uncouple Mary Jane and Peter Parker. Joe Quesada and Marvel editorial felt like the marriage was holding Peter back, so this was their answer. It’s still a controversial choice and one that’s still being felt to this day. Peter and Mary Jane never remarried.

A side effect of literally everyone Peter has ever known forgetting who he is that he is no longer an Avenger. He will no longer be called, upon to team up with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes when the fate of the universe is at stake. Instead, he is a humble, Friendly-Neighbourhood Superhero who can focus on his home city and borough, something we have rarely seen for our MCU’s Spider-Man. In the final moments of the film Spider Man no way home, we see Peter heading out of his apartment’s window, wearing a classic, homemade costume, presumably inspired by the standard Spidey costumes he saw the other Spideys wearing.

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